Anuco Rx was founded by a pharmacist with a passion for helping patients achieve a better understanding of their medications, improving overall health outcomes and quality care metrics to maximize cost savings. Our pharmacist-led services focus on optimizing medication therapy to improve outcomes and reduce cost.

Our team-centric approach focuses on pharmacist-driven interventions to perform comprehensive and targeted medication review in patients to identify, resolve, and prevent medication-related problems.

Our multilingual, interdisciplinary team works with various entities to deliver star ratings, provide wellness solutions and identify gaps in therapy. We assess each organization to provide and implement tailored solutions that meet their needs to optimize quality of care.


Improving Health and Reducing Cost by Optimizing Medication Management through Pharmacist-Led Services. 


Empower Health Through Medication Management.

Core Values

We are committed to providing optimal quality patient care for patients while promoting client-centered management.
“We believe that empowerment + participation = healthy aging.”

Meet the Anuco Team

“We are a team of passion, service and diverse individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. We love what we do and believe strongly in our mission as a company.”

Dr. Gina Jules, PharmD., CCHP

Founder & CEO

executive team


chief adminstrative officer

Director of Digital Marketing

director of clinical SERVICES


Chief Strategy and Government Affairs Officer; Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Allaei has played an intricate role during the foundation of Anuco Rx as Chief Strategic and Financial Advisor by leveraging his vast knowledge and experience within government, international, and commercial sectors. His responsibilities are government consultation, financial and business development and strategies, and optimizing company performance.

Dr. Tedra Scott

Chief Clinical Compliance and Regulatory Advisor

Dr. Tedra Scott is our Clinical Compliance and Regulatory Specialist Consultant responsible for overseeing regulatory compliance for Anuco Rx.

Mr. Enode Florvilus


Enode Florvilus currently serves as the the Director of Information Systems to Anuco Rx. He brings an in-depth knowledge of information processing and over 20 years of I.T experience to the company. Mr. Florvilus provides guidance and leadership for the Information Systems Department, advises on technology best practices, and develops and implements policies, procedures, and systems.

Clinical team

Dr. Tedra Scott, PharmD., Esq.

Clinical Pharmacist, Regulatory and Compliance

Dr. Tedra Scott is currently responsible for overseeing regulatory compliance, development of corporate competencies and policies to ensure patient safety and client satisfaction. Dr. Scott has over fifteen years of experience in the healthcare sector as a practicing pharmacist and ten years as a barred attorney. Her primary responsibilities include developing corporate policies, workflows, and standard operating procedures to ensure that the company is operating in accordance with the standards set by professional health care regulatory agencies.

Dr. Patricia Walker, PharmD., MS

Clinical Pharmacist, Population Health and Outcomes

Dr. Patricia Walker graduated from Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She received a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy's at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy. Dr. Walker joined the Anuco Rx team in 2021 as a Clinical Pharmacist using her prescription benefit experience, as well as her outcomes and policy education, to help Anuco Rx customers implement health initiatives.

Dr. Michaelange Tanis, PharmD., CPh

Director of Clinical Services (Pharmacy)

Dr. Michaelange Tanis began his academic career at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, FL, where he received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2005. He has worked as a pharmacist for the past sixteen years and a consultant pharmacist for four years. Dr. Tanis joined the Anuco team in 2017 and has played a pivotal role in the Clinical Department. He is responsible for overseeing pharmacy audits and inspections for the company.

Dr. Henry John Steplin Jr, PharmD., CPh

Regional Consultant Pharmacist (South East)

Dr. Henry John Steplin Jr is a clinical pharmacist that utilizes his skills to connect and provide patient-centered care to those in need with his pharmaceutical background. He attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, FL, where he graduated with his Doctorate in Pharmaceuticals from the historic Florida A&M University. He later furthered his career in pharmacy by obtaining his Consultant Pharmacist License.


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Our programs offer students and recent graduates of various levels and academic disciplines an opportunity to get hands-on practical experience in different departments, whether you are exploring future careers or have already found your career path. We are dedicated to fostering young minds through their learning and career development journeys.