Optimizing Medication Management to Reduce
Pharmaceutical Expenditures

Through Clinical Pharmacist-Led Services

The Opportunity

By working within an interdisciplinary team, our pharmacists can positively impact clinical and financial outcomes in a variety of settings.
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The Facts

is spent on medications in the U.S. each year

is spent on the misuse, underuse & overuse of medications

The Problem

People with chronic conditions generally use more health care services, 
including physician visits, hospital care, and prescription drugs.

of Americans have at least once chronic condition

of healthcare spending is used to treat people with chronic conditions

of people with chronic conditions adhere to prescribed medication therapies

adverse events leading to hospitalizations are associated with medications

our services

Our multilingual, interdisciplinary team works with various entities to deliver star ratings, provide wellness solutions and identify gaps in therapy. We assess each organization to provide and implement tailored solutions that meet their needs to optimize quality of care.